Bonji Bowls | Happiness is Healthy
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Welcome to Bonji Bowls™

Our Mission

At Bonji Bowls, we have a commitment towards our concept of Whole-Self Health. Through a combination of homemade and natural ingredients, we promise with every bowl, juice, smoothie, and shake, to give you real food whether on the go or sitting in a relaxed environment.


We strive to inspire what’s within each of our customers, providing healthy and wholesome meals that will translate towards happiness and positivity.

About Us

The daily balance between work and self-health can be a struggle. We often tend to lean towards one at the expense of the other, losing out on what our bodies need. Bonji Bowls was created on the foundation of making that investment within ourselves to ensure a wholesome lifestyle.


Family-owned and operated, we understand the importance of caring. That is why we promote food that is both healthy and delicious. Our variety of nutritious offerings include gourmet bowls, freshly-pressed juices, refreshing smoothies, and filling protein shakes.


We believe life is best when balanced. While you take care of work, let us take care of the rest.

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